Celebration of World Hearing Day by PharmaHealthClub, RK University

Posted on March 8th, 2022 @ 09:32am

  • On 3rd March, 2022 Pharma Health Club - SOAC Club, RK University conducted a Hearing Test campaign along with spreading the awareness about safe hearing.
  • The event started at 09:00 AM on 3rd March, 2022 at School of Pharmacy ground floor and various hearing related parameters were measured as a part of a hearing screening test.
  • Mainly all the participants were subjected for two audiometry tests namely Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) & Speech Audiometry and based on which they were provided a report of Pure-tone thresholds (PTTs) & speech reception threshold (SRT).
  • Apart from this, all the participants were also provided with expert guidance about causes – types of hearing loss, troubles faced due to deafness as well as how to prevent hearing loss.
  • This was the first ever event of the club officially registered with the World Hearing Forum. (https://worldhearingday.org/projects-overview/entry/963/) in which more than 45 candidates were benefited on this occasion.
  • The event was co-ordinated by Mr. Tejas Ganatra, Faculty Advisor of PharmaHealthClub & Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, RK University with the club members namely Yash Ardeshana, Mehul Harsoda, Ishan Gupta, Kishan Chauhan, Darshita Purohit, Falguni Bharadava, Keval Raval & Dhvanirajsinh Jadeja